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“I'm too busy running my business to find time to write a book.”

Developmental Editing

“I drafted the chapters and need polishing.”

Book Strategy

“I have pieces of content everywhere and need to organize it.”

Book Consultant

“I have a lot of questions about the processes of writing a book.”

is Your Partner.

Our collaborative five-step process
is personalized to your specific needs,
and we keep in close contact with you
from beginning to end.


Step 1 - Deep Dive Discovery
We start by getting to know you and your purpose for your book. We craft your message, your voice and find the “extreme value” you offer your audience.
Step 2 - Strategy
Together, we gather your content, plan chapter topics and organize your content into a structure that will best serve your readers.
Step 3 - Content Development
Choose from four proven collaborative options to draft your manuscript:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Developmental Editing
  • Book Strategy
  • Book Consulting
Step 4 - Review & Approval Process
As multiple sections are drafted, they will be submitted for the author's review, revisions and approvals.
Step 5 - Next Step - Publisher!

You know you are in good hands at SoConnected. What's next? For you, Cindy offers several publishers she has vetted. She knows you will be in good hands, again, with these publishers as an extension to your Book Team.

What happens in Publishing? Each project is different based on needs, wants and budget. Generally the following is the minimum you'll need:

  • 1 Editor Read Through
  • 1 Proofer Read Through
  • Art Design Direction for Book Cover Design
  • Art Direction for Interior Design
  • ISBN Number, UPC Code
  • Format for printed book or
  • Format for e-book
  • Self-Publish on
  • Instruction Guide for Book Ordering & Shipping
  • Special Gift for You From Me: Marketing Guide for Your Self-Published Book by one of my favorite people.

About Cindy Tschosik

With a consultative and collaborative approach, Cindy personalizes her services to best serve her clients to ensure their book meets their needs, brings value to their readers, showcases their expertise and experience and elevates their credibility.

Writing and working with various professionals for 25+ years,  Cindy's  varied background affords her the skill set to  write poignant, informative and life-transforming books on a multitude of topics including business, corporate, IT, mental health, psychology, and more.

In addition to her love of writing, Cindy loves to laugh and spend time with her family. Her co-writer, Roxie the bow-wearing fur baby is oftentimes at her side inspiring her creativity. You are sure to feel less stress and have more fun when you partner with Cindy!



Cindy was generous with her time to provide constructive and positive feedback. She’s a good listener, knowledgeable on various aspects, and works diligently to meet time and budget constraints. Our experience in partnering with Cindy was a positive one and we do not hesitate to recommend her.

Leen Ghandour Hillas

Founder, Principal, Group Insurance Benefits

Cindy helped me write my first book. Working with Cindy is always a pleasure and joy, she is direct and to the point and very focused. She also likes to have fun. Cindy is very positive and has so much energy and passion for her work.


Samantha Dench

Owner & Licensed Esthetician , Skin Deep

Discover Everything You Need to Write the Perfect Book

Whether you’re writing your first book or you have one or more titles under your belt, The Perfect Book Checklist provides 15 pages of details from A-to-Z. You'll know everything you need to know from concept through your book launch party.

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Writing a book isn’t just a savvy way to establish yourself as an expert and  thought leader.

It’s a calling. You have a story and expertise you want to share … because you know it will change lives.

We can help. We work with psychology professionals and business leaders who want to write non-fiction books with a mind-body-heart connection. By sharing your story and expertise, you’ll help others heal, achieve their potential, and create the professional and personal  lives they want to be living.


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