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A Bit About Cindy Tschosik

Your story matters. Perhaps you have drafted your book or it is all in your mind. Either way, someone is waiting to learn from your story, experiences, lessons and expertise.

As a well-respected nonfiction writer, Cindy’s approach is collaborative and consultative. She digs deep to discover the hidden value you offer your readers. 

Previous projects include Skin Deep (healthy, natural skin care) by Samantha Dench and Holding Hope in Our Hands by Kristin Skenderi.

Future projects for 2019 include lessons in business, marketing, memoirs and mental health.

Whether her role is ghost writer or developmental editor, partnering with Cindy Tschosik will get your book done! 

Published Works


Skin Deep
by Samantha Dench, L.E.

Holding Hope
in Our Hands
by Kristin Skenderi