NSA-Illinois Speaker Academy Teaches the “Art of Speaking”

NSA-Illinois kicked off our Speakers Academy this past Saturday! As an alum and now, first-time Co-Dean to Speakers Academy (YAY!), it’s evident that one of the great benefits to attending our Academy is what I call “Abstract Teaching.”

Our comprehensive curriculum binder is a labor of speaker love from our National Speakers Association, and clearly sets forth the “Keys to the Kingdom.” In addition to the “Keys,” our guest Master Speakers welcome our students through the Golden Gates to embark upon the “Art of Speaking” in a most beautiful abstract approach.

You see, as Co-Deans and Master Speakers, we could easily read through the curriculum page by page, fill in each blank, discuss and then call it a day. Instead, our Speakers masterfully cover the topics of the day when they set aside the binder and demonstrate through their own unique talents on how to build a successful speaker business.

Kevin O’Connor, CSP honored us with his presence and shared his expertise in Session 1. For Kevin, “demonstration” is not even the most appropriate word; performance is much more fitting. Yes, Kevin performed the lessons learned without even referencing the book. It is “Abstract Teaching” at its finest, and if one is not careful, the lessons can be missed because his stories pull you in and you forget that you are in a class. The breakouts are so engaging, you forget to take notes when the “instructor” shows how to do breakouts in twos, threes and intimate groups. The minutes and hours pass so quickly, you don’t want it to end.

You see, excellent teaching, when abstract, elevates (NSA Theme for this year) the effectiveness of the lesson for audiences because it doesn’t feel like learning. It feels like ridiculous value (NSA Goal for this year)! When you teach, do you read from the “Keys of the Kingdom” or do you teach the “Art of Your Lesson” through abstract performance?

As my Irish Friend and Co-Dean, Conor Cunneen says, “As Deans, we learn more than we teach!” I continue to learn and be inspired from our Master Speakers to improve every single one of my presentations. We can always elevate our performance, and we can always provide ridiculous value through the abstract “Art of Speaking.”

About Cindy Tschosik

Cindy Tschosik juggles her professional life between speaking professionally and ghost
writing / developmental editing non-fiction books.

Speaking as “The Happy Depressed Human,” Cindy edutains audiences through humor to recognize the symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidal ideations. Through interactive exercises of small groups, attendees learn important life skills about how to help themselves, request help and offer help for those struggling with mental health matters. CindyTschosik.com

On video, phone, in person and behind the laptop, Cindy leads people to realize their dreams of writing a book. No matter which stage a book has reached, she dons her “Content Counselor” hat, she wiggles into her “Edward” Scissorhands, and grabs her polishing wax to professionalize manuscripts to the highest quality level.  SoConnectedLLC.com

Cindy stays primed with her speaking skills as a Board Member and Co-Dean of the Illinois NSA Speakers Academy, as a member of National Speakers Association and as an Advisor of C-Suite Network. As a member of Non-Fiction Authors Association, Association of Ghost Writers and Off-Campus Writers Workshop she stays current and relevant with both writing and publishing trends.

When Cindy is not getting “SoConnected” to audiences and authors, she spends precious time with her husband of 25-years, their #threeteens, ‘wine-ing’ with #awesomefriends, reveling in nature’s beauty and snuggling with her soft and curly cockapoopoo puppy. Yes, really.

Get “SoConnected” today! Cindy Tschosik | (630) 926-8756 | Cindy@SoConnectedLLC.com.