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Only 8 Days Left to Download Your Archive!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice all of the drastic changes LinkedIn has rolled out in recent months. For me, I’m still evaluating the value of the changes. Unfortunately, social media will not wait for my approval, so I guess I will have to adapt.

In all the hub of the changes, many articles have been written. One tip I found valuable was the mention that on March 31, LinkedIn will no longer allow us to retrieve the data archive file of our profile and list of our connections. Really?

Like most social networks, They giveth, and they taketh away.

My advice? Get it while it’s available. Here is how!

How to Archive Your LinkedIn Data

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account(s).
  2. In the top menu bar, click the drop down arrow under your picture.
  3. Select “Settings & Privacy.”
  4. Under “Basics,” select “Getting An Archive of Your Data.”
  5. Select the radial button, “Fast File Plus Other Data.”
  6. Click the blue button, “Request Archive.”

In 24 hours, you will receive 2 files from LinkedIn that contain more information than you would ever want. But, the gold mine is the actual email addresses of all the contacts you have connected with in your Linked In.

While the pot of gold is the list of email addresses, use them responsibly. Follow the anti-spam laws, do not stalk them. Do not put them on your newsletter lists and automatic campaigns without their permission.

As a wise client, colleague and good friend, @Megan Wessels at @Powerful Partners Inc, taught me, start to build real relationships with those who can become powerful partners, alliances and referral resources. That is how good business succeeds. Real people. Real Relationships. Respectful business practices.

Now, go archive before it’s too late!