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A Presentation with No Name = No Follow Up

You have just executed the finest presentation of your career. The slides were packed with excellent content and beautiful graphics. Informative and attractive. Your delivery was spot on. The audiences were laughing, engaged and wanted more. The event ends, and you head back to the office. Waiting. Waiting. The phone does not ring. No email. No requests from Linked In. What happened? 75 laughing people. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

Your guests just attended your event. They loved it. Wanted more. Promised you that they would be in touch for your consultation. They get back to the office. A couple hours go by. Oh, I have to get in touch with the speaker! Here’s the flyer. Oh! No name… nor a phone number… not even an email… oh my, not even a company name. Wait! I took pictures of his slides with my phone. OMgoodness. Nothing. I don’t remember his name, company. Nothing. There were 3 speakers. Who was he?

Every year in school, all the way through college, I heard the teacher say, “Whose paper is this? One point off for no name!” How many of us missed the ‘A’ because of our name, or lack thereof? Ouch!

With our ever-busy schedules, while we focus on the content, graphics, layout, page order, speaking parts, delivery, we forget the most important part – our contact information!

I have been to networking events, high-end speakers forums, workshops, conventions, and plenty more. Unfortunately, I continue to see this problem on presentations, flyers, brochures, handouts and even business cards. No name – no more!

Your handouts, slides, brochures, business cards, and any other material you give away needs to have the following contact info pieces. Don’t make a mistake by just leaving it on the first page – add it to all pages. The sub-pages can have it as a footer in smaller print, but be sure to include it on each page, each handout, each slide, each brochure. You get the idea. Unless, you don’t want people to reach you.


No Name Must Haves for Slides & Handouts

Must Haves for Slides & Handouts


  1. Company Name
  2. Company Logo
  3. Personal Name
  4. Website
  5. Email
  6. Phone Number

Now, go get that ‘A!’