I am blessed. And overwhelmed by the support for my new roles this year. These past 6 years in SoConnected have been a been a whirlwind while continuously building a business, which morphs every couple of years to fill my heart even more and better utilize my greatest talents and skills.

Recently, when offered an opportunity to work alongside Mitzi Perdue for WinThisFight.org to combat human trafficking, life seemed to come full circle. Fighting #humantrafficking is a cause I have always wanted to battle. I just didn't know how, when or where until I walked to lunch with Mitzi in July at the #NSAInfluence2019 Conference. God certainly does work in mysterious ways.

The greatest question that I have been mulling around has been, “How does this part-time VP/COO role fit into my other ventures of writer/editor and mental health speaker?” Over the last 48 hours, it has become very clear.

While the experts and smarter entrepreneurs than I press upon us, “Pick one lane and stay in it – expand it from there.” Otherwise, they caution, you will be too fractured and not able to fully focus on any one thing.

After editing and publishing two client books in 2016-2017, I picked my lane in April of 2018 to shift my business to become a full-time nonfiction ghost writer, developmental editor, book strategist and consultant. It started off with a bang and continues to thrive. I love every one of my clients, and each one of my projects is fascinating!

I was in ‘the ONE lane” until May 2019 when I integrated professional speaking on mental health. It was a yearning I had, and have to this day, to share my stories in support of others suffering through depression, anxiety and suicide ideations. #NoOneLeftAlone

Then, June 2019 came along when I accepted a role on the Board of Directors for #NSAIllinois as Co-Dean for the #NSASpeakersAcademy. #NSA is an organization that has rewarded me in countless ways and it’s my turn to give back and share the #SpiritofCavett.

July 2019 took me by surprise when I had the opportunity to reconnect and catch up with Mitzi. I met Mitzi about 18 months ago and quickly learned that in addition to a speaking colleague and fellow member of #NSA, she is a genuine, kind and generous woman. Known to be a phenomenal entrepreneur in her own right, she is also a philanthropist, author, woman, mother, wife (now widow) of Frank Perdue, the chicken magnate, daughter of the co-founder of Sheraton Hotels, friend and human being. Mitzi has a gift to find extraordinary opportunities (or they find her) because the universe knows she will institute significant change in the world.

After this whirlwind of wonderful activity in the midst of losing my dear and beloved mother-in-law in August and a dear friend and client quickly to cancer in October, I was finding the questions remain.

  • “Do I have to stay in one lane?”
  • “How does this fit with my other 4 adventures?”

My friend @LynetteHanover recently asked me, “What is your dream?” With four adventures in the works, I didn’t know what my dream was, as it’s hard to “pick one lane.” Previously, it was to ghost write books on a beach when I retired, but clearly, so many other recent adventures have popped up.

I replied, “I’m doing what I have always done. I follow the breadcrumbs that God lays before me, and I know He has the plan for me.”

So, again, this weekend, I mulled over, “But how does this all fit together?” Then it hit me. At 9:30am on October 22, 2019.

I am living my dream. My dream, since I was four years old, has always been to make a difference in this world, to elevate people, to help others grow professionally or personally and to make a difference.

As I look back to my varied career, in each one I wear at least three hats. My friend and client @CandaceFitzpatrick, CEO of CoreClarity, says that this “achiever” ability derives from my natural talents in action. We both find that Clifton StrengthsFinder is the answer to all puzzling questions. I could very well be built for multiple adventures; why not embrace it, instead of change it? What good does that do the world?

My gifted energy healer and friend @KathyBrown says that when I find the ebb and flow of my life with work and life, I will accomplish more. I know what that looks like now. It’s true.

And a new friend, @Jeana Goosmann, recently shared that there is no such thing as work-life balance, it’s a #mash-up. When we own our business and do what we love, we might be on the beach with family and get a business call. We need to take that business call, just like when we are working and we get a call from school or need to see the doctor; we do it. She says, as long as we stay present in whatever we are doing, we make it happen.

This philosophy makes sense to me in so many ways. I’ve operated this way for a month, now, along with Kathy’s recommendations to work within a “flow” state. And with this approach, I am getting more done than I ever thought possible.

So, why stay in one lane? For me, I'm following the breadcrumbs and I’ve debunked a lot of theories that don’t seem to work for me.

1)    Stay in one lane.

2)    Schedule strict time blocks for creative writing.

3)    Schedule blocks of time for working.

4)    “Scheduling” time for husband and kids.

No, no, no, no; not for me! And I feel great about these decisions for the following reasons:

1)    It is liberating! I'm not shackled to work day hours; I'm free to work whenever and wherever I want.

2)    I know, after all this discernment, it is not “Squirrel,” nor is it a lack of ability to say, “no.”

3)    I feel less guilty about not getting such and such done by a certain time because I’ve improved communications and expectations and allowed more time to get projects done, instead of cramming it in and not doing my best.

4)    Inspired by my son, Zack, who runs cross country and track, I’ve accepted that out of my 5 lanes, every role/project will vary. Like the puppy picture above, some will be in the slow lane, some will be in the steady lane, some will run simultaneously, some may be put on the backburner for the moment and some will require the fast lane. And I’m more than okay with it because each has its time and season. Sometimes it’s monthly, annually, weekly, daily or hourly.

5) I no longer feel pressured to “stay in one lane.” Yahoo!

This is called flow. And, that’s cool for me. Why? Because I am living my dream to make a difference in this world, and I only have one life of unknown duration to accomplish my purpose.

So, I will continue to write, speak, teach, advocate to elevate others in their professional and personal lives. And smile because I know my heart is full.


About Cindy Tschosik

People and projects have diverse needs depending on the goals set forth. Most can greatly benefit from working with someone who is well-rounded and has a varied background of expertise.

Cindy Tschosik is a professional writer, strategist and consultant with 25+ years of experience. She brings her varied career background in legal, corporate, IT, construction, marketing, advertising, social media, business development, entrepreneurship and non-profit to each initiative.

Clients benefit from working with her because she brings such a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, Cindy’s upbeat and positive personality exude enthusiasm for her clients’ exciting ventures. Becoming “SoConnected” and devoting herself to each client to ensure open communications, finding “extreme value” and to meet objectives explains why Cindy is the preferred partner to many.

Cindy stays primed with her speaking skills as a Board Member and Co-Dean of the NSA Illinois Speakers Academy, as a member of National Speakers Association and as an Advisor of C-Suite Network. As a member of Non-Fiction Authors AssociationAssociation of Ghost Writers and Off-Campus Writers Workshop she stays current and relevant with both writing and publishing trends.

When Cindy is not getting “SoConnected” to clients, she spends precious time with her husband of 25-years, their #threeteens, ‘wine-ing’ with #awesomefriends, reveling in nature’s beauty and snuggling with her soft and curly cockapoopoo.

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