Which of these statements is true for you?

– I have a book, a manuscript or an outline.

– I have many questions about how to start.

– I need to talk to a professional to avoid making mistakes and pitfalls.

If you answered ‘YES!” to any of the questions, on-demand consulting services will help you before, during and after you write your manuscript.You pick the topics from writing process, chapter order, book cover, book design, publishing options, pitfalls and whatever pops into your mind. Being informed helps you avoid costly mistakes, so be informed!

– I’m a great writer.

– My content is everywhere in my head, on notepads and in devices, newsletters, podcasts, and videos.

– Where do I start and how do I organize all of the pieces?

– How do I even make a book out of all of this?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, a strategy session will be most helpful. When you share all the brilliant pieces you have collected (over years, for some authors) with us, we work like Edward Scissor-hands and pull it all together for you. Through our discussions, review of content and analysis of how it can best form a great book, we provide you with our personalized Book Blueprint, so you can start writing your story!

– I drafted a manuscript.

– I have most of my manuscript finished.

– My draft needs some work, and I need a professional to make sure it is great book.

If you answered ‘YES!” to any of the questions, developmental editing will get your book across the finish line. With a drafted manuscript, we approach it from the author and reader’s perspective. When necessary, recommend chapter order, areas that need to be strengthened, concepts that need more information, areas to add greater value and proper grammar and punctuation. Once the manuscript is complete and you are proud of your book, you will be ready for the next phase.

– I have this book in my head, and I need to get it out.

– I don’t know where to start.

– I don’t have time to do it.

If you answered ‘YES!” to any of the questions, ghost writing is the solution to your dilemma. From concept to final manuscript, we will partner together to “download” the book in your head, fine tune the story, message, and value and then write the book!

How to Work with a Ghost Writer

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